Mobile Legends Free Diamonds


What is Mobile Legends Diamonds and Battle Points ?

At least there are two things that players get when using the in-app purchase feature that is in Mobile Legends. The two items in question are Starlight Member (subscription) and Diamonds. Well, Diamonds Mobile Legends, which are the result of real money conversions, are often used as skin payment tools. The skin in Mobile Legends can change the appearance of the Hero and also add a little status in it. Diamonds Mobile Legends are not only useful for buying skins. There are several other things that players can do when they have several Diamonds. among others, to obtain an Emblem Pack, a variety of items in the Tab Sale, Magic Wheel, Make a Squad, keep reading and we will explain how to get mobile legends free diamonds .

Use Skin or not use Skin, why you need skins ?

Like Dota two, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang includes a method of”decorative items” known as”epidermis”. Not merely makes the visual appeal of our favourite hero seem distinct from others, the epidermis at the Mobile Legends game provides a”buff” or even a favourable impact. It’s eight factors of physical assault, 8 points of magical ability, or 100 HP points (based on the hero kind ).
Skin also has amounts or degrees, which have another effect which makes users feel’proud’ and boost our confidence. Some skin personalities sprinkled with cartoon effects, which range from the screen model or enthusiast layout, animation when utilizing abilities, cartoon remembers, to the brand new voice-over on the enthusiast.
The visual effects which have presented, the cost is more expensive.

Why you need our tools ?

Our tool can provide mobile legends free diamond code quickly please read the instructions below

How use our tools?


The way to make free diamonds and battle points with mobilelegendsbot?

  1. The very first step would be to input your Mobile Legends username.
  2. Click here to start getting free diamonds and battle points
  3. Choose amount of diamonds and battle points that you need
  4. Click “Generate” and then wait for 5 minutes
  5. Congratulations, you’ve claimed the diamonds and battle points. Enjoy playing mobile legends

How too redeem code from our tools?.

  1. First, please start the site, I propose opening it onto a PC / Notebook or a different phone (in this short article I borrow a friend’s phone to start the site ). Let me go back and forth in the match to the browser or vice versa.
  2. Then there’ll be three forms you have to fill in: Redemption Code, Game ID, and Verification Code.
    back into the redeem page of this code, then immediately enter the Verification code which noticed previously. Do not belong, since this confirmation code is only valid for half an hour from reception.
  3. Eventually, pick the”Redeem” button to swap it for a present from Moonton at the shape of BP, Dual EXP Card, ticket, magical dust. Skin hero (trial), diamond, hero, etc.

How to Download Mobile Legends for PC?

  1. Open the application and leave Nox Player installed on your device.
  2. Find the APK Mobile Legends type application on the APK download provider site.
  3. Remember, make sure the MLBB APK is the latest version.
  4. Play it.

Another way to get diamond mobile legends

  • Win the Moonton Tournament
    The official Mobile Legends tournament held by Moonton always prizes tens of thousands of diamonds for the winners. Historically, Moonton once presented 50,000 diamonds to the championship winner. So, prepare yourself always to participate in eSports from Moonton.
  • Running Streaming on Mobile Legends
    In the Mobile Legends game application, there is a game streaming feature. If you really have a high ability to play and have the confidence to appear life, then this feature is suitable for those of you who want to get a free MLBB diamond. This feature will make you get loose diamonds through the audience who like your live action. The number of diamonds that you can get from getting a free diamond in this Mobile Legends, namely:

    • Flower worth 2 diamonds
    • diamonds worth 6 diamonds
    • 250 diamond roadster
    • Yacht worth 1000 diamonds
    • Airplane worth 5000 diamonds

Mobile Legends Hero

  • New

  • Assassin

  • Tank

  • Fighter

  • Mage

  • Marksman